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About Us

Colette Bos, B.A. (Hons.) – Editor – Managing Partner

Colette Bos editor of Write4hireColette is the owner and creator of Write4hire.com – she has always been attracted to website creation because of its great visual appeal along with its opportunity to use the latest web design tools. With a background in writing, teaching, tutoring, and early childhood education, she has always worked to assist her husband, Frits, with document creation and editing. It was a logical evolution to establish a service where this same skill set could benefit a wider audience.

Colette is a thorough grammarian, able to find subtle problems with documents, the ideal skill to please perfectionists. While her original efforts in web development were a challenge, since launching her first modest website in 2003, she has fully immersed herself in this medium to fully master the latest web design techniques.

Working with small to mid-size companies and by helping them create their own internet presence, is a process Colette thoroughly enjoys. She has developed the know-how and ability to help companies reach their marketing goals.  Whether through an increase in local community awareness or by way of a prominent presence on the World Wide Web, whatever your writing goals are, Colette enjoys contributing to each one of her client’s success.

Colette will gladly demonstrate how any business can create a formidable internet presence by using virtual marketing and promotional techniques to successfully compete on par with mega-corporations. We can tap into different popular social media outlets, today's great levelers for gaining market share. She can, also, show you how to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond and get all the business you can handle: how to nibble away at market share without attracting dangerous attention.

Colette’s business mode of operation, sure and steady, has utilized internet marketing methods while staying focused on niche marketing. Contact Colette today to see how she can collaborate with you in your future website or writing project.

Frits J. Bos, PMP – Contributor

Frits Bos Contributor of Write4hireFrits has over 30 years project management experience in Information Technology, Business, and Construction projects. To remain current in IT technology, Frits maintains skills in Internet technology to support large enterprise needs such as Internet Banking. Frits has been involved with internet technologies since 1995, as n-tier server technologies evolved to take over functions previously requiring medium size computer mainframe platforms.

What drove Frits to pursue website building was a desire to teach project management by using an on-line web-based model and to make the information available to a wide range of prospective students. It is daunting to have to build such a site part-time, which is why he charmed his wife, Colette, into entering the field of website building to take a major load of his shoulders while he was fully engaged in different projects.

Frits developed an advanced approach to project management, reflected in customized methodology, software, and a website for “Excel™ in Project Management” (to recognize the incredible utility of MS-Excel™ which made it possible to build customized project management software). This software complements a current consulting practice for pm4hire.com (which reflects many years of experience in the program and project management field).

Frits has learned how different strategies can benefit different companies in different ways, which makes him an ideal partner to work with Colette in evaluating the business requirements of various clients, and to recommend an evolutionary strategy to create a custom web presence. Of course, he has his set habits, and we oblige by making sure all our website development projects are properly managed under PMBoK Standards, and structured to deliver the results our clients expect. Contact us today to see how we can partner in the creation of your future website or writing project.


Depending on the nature of the writing or web-site building project, we engage a number of associates to help us take on this challenge. Several associates work part-time, as required, to help us keep up with the demand for development work.

Write4hire History

We created write4hire.com as a technical writing and web development company in 2003. Since then, there has been an increasing demand for professional writing services.  We have evolved and honed our development skills while undertaking a large range of custom writing projects. Our level of writing and editing are equally important in this line of work and can range in depth from simple uncomplicated narratives to technical papers with a high degree of technological complexity and terminology.

What started out as a need to produce technical documentation for projects undertaken by our project management consulting firm, pm4hire.com, we eventually branched out by offering similar technical writing services required by other companies.  As well, write4hire.com has grown as the direct result of an increase in demand for outsourcing and its corresponding need for shared published information.  This has spurred a growth in website development for the purpose of publishing information for the benefit of a large stakeholder community.