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Advertising ImageThe Internet as a medium is often associated with Advertising in terms of “SPAM” that represents unwanted E-mail announcements.  The “opt in” approach allows companies to drive announcements to vast numbers of subscribers to keep them informed of what the company is up to, the latest product releases, and what not.  There is also a passive side to the advertising – website visits by interested prospects looking for information about the products and services the company has to offer.

Developing an E-strategy for advertising is definitely a good start, as is understanding the nature of advertising and what are good or bad qualities of advertising.  This has to go hand in hand with the design and architecture of the website that should support the aims of your advertising.  It makes no sense to develop a website that does not in turn support the marketing and advertising campaigns of the organization: a clear focus will combine the strengths of different aspects to deliver far superior results.

We realized early that company websites are an ideal advertising and marketing media because of the level of control: we can keel and improve what works, and replace what does not seem to bring in new business.  It is all very direct, and it is quite easy to create audit trails for leads to learn what are effective strategies for channeling prospects to our website and (at a local level) to increase traffic in our store.  We can combine these ideas with the basic functionality for the website to create a powerful drive for sales.