Our Writing Projects

are managed using a generally
accepted project life cycle
based on

Project Management Institute
PM Book of Knowledge

Supervised by our Pm4hire Affiliate


We created write4hire.com as a technical writing and web development company in 2003. Since then, there has been an increasing demand for professional writing services.  We have evolved and honed our development skills while undertaking a large range of custom writing projects. Our level of writing and editing are equally important in this line of work and can range in depth from simple uncomplicated narratives to technical papers with a high degree of technological complexity and terminology. Outsourcing in IT projects has also spurred an evolution in the field of technical writing and has helped our company to flourish.

What started out as a need to produce technical documentation for projects undertaken by our project management consulting firm, pm4hire.com, we eventually branched out by offering similar technical writing services required by other companies.  As well, write4hire.com has grown as the direct result of an increase in demand for outsourcing and its corresponding need for shared published information.  This has spurred a growth in website development for the purpose of publishing information for the benefit of a large stakeholder community.

We build websites focused on project management and training programs, but our aim is to expand our services to include web design for small business enterprises. From our experience with marketing websites, we have seen the benefits of using websites to promote a business and to attract prospects. We highly recommend that you consider a website to similarly promote your business and to attract new clientele, as well as to maintain visibility within your existing clientele.