Our Writing Projects

are managed using a generally
accepted project life cycle
based on

Project Management Institute
PM Book of Knowledge

Supervised by our Pm4hire Affiliate

Customer Login

The following login is used for making a PayPal payment – this method, we believe, is the most secure way to complete a transaction on the Internet.  As an example, once you have received an agreed upon statement of work from Write4hire, you can authorize work on your writing project to begin by making a PayPal payment.  Build work starts upon the PayPal confirmation of payment.

Order Workflow Diagram

After you have approved a statement of work document from Write4hire, we will send you a  reference number, similar to the following number: “SOW12345” where “SOW” identifies the transaction as a progress payment.  This SOW transaction number is a unique number referencing the statement of work agreed upon between the client and Write4hire.  This is also reported on your PayPal transaction confirmation.  

After you have entered your Write4hire customer name and SOW reference below, you will be transferred to the PayPal site.  On this page you will be asked for your PayPal username and password.  PayPal will provide us with a confirmation notice once the above approval/payment has been processed. Once proof of payment has been received, we will begin work on your writing project.

To make payment, login by entering your Write4hire customer name and then your SOW reference number.  After this information has been entered, click on the Paypal link which will then take you to the PayPal website to make payment.

Write4hire Login

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SOW Reference: 

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Portfolio Login

As well, for your convenience, we have added a complementary, confidential, access portal where you can view your website’s progress as it is being constructed.   As we work on your website,  we house the “under construction” version of the site within our Write4Hire website.  We have created a simple, confidential access portal that you can use to obtain access to your site “landing page” = the root page for the site (or segment thereof) that we build for you.  We will provide you with that root name so that only you can view the work in progress until your site is migrated to a final service provider and linked to your company URL.

The following login is a simple handshake which will allow you access to your website as it progresses to final completion:

Customer Name:  

Landing Page:    

After you have entered this information, click on the access Link:

Thank you for the trust you have put in our services.