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Social Media IconsThere are countless places that will take your money to display your advertisement for a finite amount of time.  The question is what impact the investment has.  One media wag once pondered that 90% of the advertising investment was a waste – unfortunately he was never able to figure out what 10% actually brought in the business.  If you enter the advertising arena and post your message you need to do better than that: you need to know where you get market penetration that works for you.

For obvious reasons Write4hire.com is biased towards Internet media because there is where you have your website that services the customer.  The easier you make access into your site, the more likely you gain access to these prospective customers.  Since we already drove home the message of making your website landing pages compelling for the intended audience, what we need to focus on next is what you can do to increase awareness of the existence of that website.

Many companies stick to a model they know, even if they don’t know if it is effective or not.  As the selection of media has expanded significantly the complexity of making the choice of what media to use is also become a lot more challenging.  We do not make the selection for you: we simply explain what the choices are and why you should consider different options to make the best inroads to publish your website.  If you pay close attention to commercials, for example, you see increasing corporate use of social media like Facebook and Twitter that are increasingly the channels through which prospective and current consumers relate to your company website.