Our Writing Projects

are managed using a generally
accepted project life cycle
based on

Project Management Institute
PM Book of Knowledge

Supervised by our Pm4hire Affiliate


Order Workflow DiagramWe devised this simple 5-step order workflow to streamline all our major projects.  Because small jobs go directly from Enquiry to the Order stage, there isn’t a need for the concept stage which helps us to focus on the kind of results you had in mind before we start the detail work.  Where applicable, you will find this identified on the Request Estimate form for that type of work.  The explanation below is meant to clarify the workflow steps with a more detailed description:

1. Enquiry

The first step is where you identify a requirement for services and ask us for a quote to complete that work.  We make sure that we understand what it is you want us to do before we get started on the concept.

2. Concept

The next step is for us to develop a concept for what your project may look like, but in a rough, highly preliminary format.  This way we can both get to the same page as quickly as possible when formalizing the concept.  If the scope is too large, we will suggest a breakdown of the objectives into smaller component projects in order to stage the delivery and to minimize the risk of spending too much money at once.

3. Final

A formal concept translates into a statement of work (detailed estimate) that defines WHAT we will do, HOW we will do it, HOW MUCH time it is going to take for the work and HOW MUCH it is going to cost to complete that work.

4. Order

The order confirmation is done through PayPal to ensure you have a secure method for making payments as opposed to sending money, and you have proof of payment. As soon as PayPal notifies us that you have approved payment, we get to work.

5. Build

The build process is focused on delivering exactly what was agreed on in the final statement of work.  We have a solid methodology for implementation that follows the detailed estimates in the final statement of work.


As shown above, the order workflow is “cyclical” so that after we have delivered your results, as agreed, you can request changes in a next development cycle.  This ensures you have complete control, and it eliminates the confusion of going back and forth while work is in progress.   Note that we do not have to wait until the build is finished: this change process easily accommodates taking in change requests and going through the above steps to make sure we have a complete understanding before the change is applied and implemented under a separate work order.


The statement of work will include a detailed estimate of the number of hours that are required to finish the work.  Each build-hour is charged out at $50, but definition of concepts and statement of work are no charge.