Our Writing Projects

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Project Management Institute
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Our technical writing service is not limited to corporate initiatives.  For practical reasons, individuals don’t generally use external service providers like us unless there is a clear need to overcome specific challenges.  Individual people do not think technical writing is what they need to help them with personal writing.  There are many types of writing to consider, where you need to come across as highly professional, or convey some other image that will help you to achieve your objectives.

A special need is for new (or aspiring) Canadians that need help to blend in as they make a new living for themselves.  You want an editor to clean-up communications that help you to get ahead – you don’t want to be held back by any limitation in your ability to get your message across.  This is no different from a business that wants to come across as a single individual while many people contribute: the editor transforms contributions that then coagulate into a solid product.

There are several aspects related to general correspondence, including a special area to explain the process for creating resumes.   What we do not offer at the moment is help in the area of academic writing: this is simply because many colleges frown on changes made by a Technical Writer as reflecting academic dishonesty on the part of the student (which has worse consequences than to submit papers that are full of errors).  Unless a resolution is found we feel that we would not do anyone a service by offering to take on term papers and other documents, even though we feel it would benefit students who are newcomers to Canada and who genuinely need help with their writing.  If the school approves we can help you to properly present your papers, as explained later.