Our Writing Projects

are managed using a generally
accepted project life cycle
based on

Project Management Institute
PM Book of Knowledge

Supervised by our Pm4hire Affiliate

Technical Writing

Technical Writing ImageThe concept of technical writing is often misunderstood as writing about technology.  It may be that technology is the subject, but what “technical” refers to is the mechanics of composition and grammar.  Technical writing can, therefore, cover all subject matter to make sure it is properly described.  In principle, it means executing a project focused on the creation of complex documentation – we have created a multi-step methodology to manage writing projects and to dovetail the effort with your product development such that the document creation can be synchronized with the development project dates.

Like the technical aspects of the product development, there are specific objectives for the associated documentation that need to be structured.  This way we can manage your document composition just as well as you can manage your development project.  That technical writing work can be performed under different scenarios: we can manage work effort (or help you with a document composition schedule) while the work is done by your own staff, to the opposite end of the scale where we provide management and resources to establish ready-to-publish documentation.

We can even help you publish documentation on-line: traditional printed manuals are a measurable expense, difficult to distribute (especially with international users), and any product changes that require a document update can make older manuals obsolete as you have to go through the publishing steps all over again.  On-line manuals are cheap to produce, never get torn or need replacement other than to be republished when any product changes are made, and are available on-demand from anywhere in the world: an effective attribute in the event you wish to outsource product development.