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Website Development

Website Development List of CodeDo you find it is a challenge to run a business and to find time to advertise by building a website?  Caught in the snares of a shrink-wrapped website software that generates a cookie-cutter “me too” image that you want to escape from?  We know what it’s like for a small business to create a big presence at a modest budget and to have a profound impact on how customers see you relative to your competition.  You only make a first impression once: let us help you to make that first impression a lasting relationship with a website that provides your prospects reasons to come back time and again.  Repeat visits lead to confidence: confidence leads to future sales.

We focus on easy-to-maintain websites that can easily be kept current and relevant: to always provide information your customers are interested in.  Websites play a key part in marketing programs of our clients. It does not matter what business you are in, most people, now, expect you to be visible on the Internet, and they judge you based on how that first impression comes across.

Don’t rely on Facebook or Twitter or Linked-in or any other public sites to represent the image you want people to see: rather, carefully craft that image in your private site and establish links from your public presence to your private site to deliver that image with panache.  Make it the cornerstone of your image building campaign.


You have enough to do running a business, so you do not need a part-time job keeping track of what your website is telling the world about your business.  Websites tell a lot about you: we can create the kind of website that gets you noticed in a positive way, and in a way that allows you to keep the information fresh in order to attract people to visit your website.

Write4hire creates a professional website that fits you like a tailored suit.  We work with you to capture your needs and taste, and gently advise you where to add those touches that make people take notice of your distinctive Internet presence.  We provide you the feedback that is required to make the site attractive while maintaining your personality in the manner that it communicates your vision and message to the world.

We are your “ghost writers”, to help you to communicate the information you want to publish on the Internet.  We make sure your vision is captured in open communication which can include online interviews, flow of design ideas, files, and feedback, so that you can monitor the construction of your website along the way!  You will have full control over the content that we create: every draft page is crafted as best we can, but you always have control over the final wording to make sure your personality powers the message.




Make sure your site continues to serve you well: it is important to keep it up to date, as one company discovered the hard way when it failed to get repeat business from one of their major customers.  It turned out they had a page listing companies they had worked for – they failed to update that list, and when that customer visited the site they viewed that as a sign that their patronage was not really appreciated, so they took the business elsewhere.  Make sure that will never happen with your website.

A website is a living presence rather than a static picture: it usually grows and evolves as you engage in new things that the world should know about.  With new content you need to keep the published version of your site up to date, either to edit existing pages or to add new pages that must be retrofitted into the website dialog.  We provide you a comprehensive maintenance plan that helps you to keep your site relevant.  Usually the maintenance effort is less intense than the original website creation work effort. 

We make changes to your local files—adding new content, removing old content, and moving the files to reflect a different page structure, so that the published counterparts can be uploaded to your hosting facility.  We can redesign and/or reconstruct websites to make the sites easier to maintain and keep up-to-date.

Our Process

We created a custom 10-step process that ensures our customers will be satisfied with the websites we develop: you do not let us proceed to the next step until you are fully satisfied with the results.   If you want, you can read the process methodology manual, below, to see how we do our work in deliberate, thought out, stages that deliver results.  You can even decide to do the work yourself, if you prefer.

What makes it useful for you to engage our services is that building a website takes a lot of concentrated effort – not something you do every now and then: you want results.  It takes effort and perseverance to build a well-crafted website – decide if you want to do that yourself or if you even have the skills to take on that kind of challenge.

We enjoy building websites and it gets easier if you do this full-time, knowing what it is you need to do for a particular effect.  We also help you with on-going maintenance as information goes stale and needs to be refreshed.  Many small business websites have not been updated for a long time – this can be detrimental when it comes across as if you are not current with what your prospective customers are looking for.  We will do a regular follow-up to remind you when it is time to update the contents of your site.

Web Site Photography

While not strictly required, photographic images enhance the appeal of your website.  If you want pictures your choices are stock photography or custom images: you can take those pictures or we can take those pictures for you.

Stock photography is readily available for downloads at a modest charge per image.  For most applications this is more than adequate to give visitors to your site a quick clue of what products are featured on your site.

Stock product photography may be readily available from your suppliers that would like to have their product images featured on your website.  If you sell vehicles you want to feature the right make and the current models that your customers are interested in.

On that note, custom photography may be required when you have a variety of makes and models, as for a used-car dealership.  That requires taking photos on-site (unless the dealership E-mails us the photos) and regular weekly refreshes, for example.

Each situation is different: we typically charge 1 hour for travel, and each hour (or part thereof) for taking pictures of products for illustrations to be included in your website.  We will add those hours to the to-be authorized Statement Of Work.

Publishing Your Site

You want to make sure your site is hosted on a service provider platform that is able to meet your site performance requirements.  You don’t want the prospective customers’ browsers to time-out trying to get to your content: you want snappy performance from the Internet.  While we have no control over the customer browser, we can select what service provider platform we use to host our site.

We do not host your site ourselves: we work with many different service providers that have the capacity and the depth to provide a reliable web presence for you.  Depending on the nature of your site as an information site, or as a processing site, there may be different constraints on the selection of service providers that we can discuss with you.  For the most part we focus on low-cost information sites.

We do have the option for low-cost “vanity site” hosting through a secondary provider site “SayYesToThePress.com” where we can host low-volume traffic sites for as little as $20/year, so that you do not have to make arrangements with hosting sites that usually have minimum monthly charges.  We follow-up on minor maintenance required to keep your information current.

Project Standards

We take our responsibility very serious: a website is an important introduction that has to be crafted with panache to give you the edge over your competition.  To make sure, we developed standard processes with full transparency: you may not do the work but that does not mean you relinquish control over that all-important introduction. This will work well for simple websites: more complex websites will require a project approach.

Our writing projects are managed using a generally accepted project life cycle consistent with the Project Management Institute, PM Book of Knowledge (PMI-PMBokÔ).  This incorporates an open and effective method of communication between customers and Write4hire staff. Each step toward completion of your web is defined as an upfront, agreed upon deliverable, and you approve each stage toward the completion of your website, so that there are no nasty surprises at any time.  Project management will not be required for simple websites that are described in these pages.

Our focus is on small business and personal websites that do not require an investment in computer infrastructure, or high-tech on-going support, to provide a web presence.  If what you want makes building and maintaining the site more costly we will review the options with you to make sure there will be no surprises when things get complicated.

Payment = Work Authorization

We have structured a simple process for work authorization.  Based on your input, we draft a proposed statement of work that itemizes the next step to be completed in the construction of your website.  We send you an E-mail with the details so you can decide if you want to proceed with that next step.

In the E-mail we propose the scope of work, the hours estimated, and the amount to be charged for that bundle of work.  If you wish, you can respond with a revised scope for a new estimate, and we will be happy to oblige.  If you do not want to proceed you have no further obligation – you don’t even have to respond.

If you want us to proceed, you simply complete the payment instructions that are listed in the E-mail.  We use a secure service provider that ensures your preferred method of payment is safely transacted – they advise us of your payment and authorization to get on with the next bundle of work as per the E-mail proposal.

This way, your website will be built in stages, and you will be in complete control over every aspect of the work. You want time to think it over?  No problem whatsoever – our aim is to deliver your site the way you imagined it should be: professional, attractive, a world-wide presence that you can be proud of.